Four Seasons

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It’s almost been a year since I moved to Waterloo area in Ontario. I have to admit that I didn’t blog regularly recently. It’s not because that I didn’t have story in this new area; it’s simply that my daily work has been very busy. :(

This morning, I took a picture of a river near our apartment. This river is now frozen and covered with snow. Yes… winter is coming. Then, I realized that I have taken pictures of that same river on each season, starting from spring to winter.

Enjoy the pictures below… started with winter, followed by fall, summer and spring (all of them are from this year).



FALL 2009






Law of Gravity

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There is a very famous story about Isaac Newton and law of gravity. Once upon a time, Newton sat under an apple tree; and suddenly an apple fall on his head. That’s when he started thinking about law of gravity. Many people believe that the story is not true; but he did think why apple falls to the earth and not to the sky.

Anyway, yesterday we visited Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto. I saw a very interesting show from Daryl Maddeaux. He’s stacking rock on rock without glue, gums, nails or anything. He’s just using the law of gravity. Just look at the picture below. It’s amazing, isn’t it?

Law of gravity

This is another picture, which looks impossible. :)

Law of gravity

Fortune’s 100 Fastest Growing Companies 2009

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I just read Fortune’s 100 fastest growing companies 2009 and a little bit surprised knowing that Research in Motion is in number 1 position. I don’t have much to say; but here is the top 10 list:

  1. Research in Motion (Canada)
  2. Sigma Designs (US)
  3. (China)
  4. Ebix (US)
  5. DG Fast Channel (US)
  6. CF Industries Holdings (US)
  7. Shanda Interactive Entertainment (China)
  8. Arena Resources (US)
  9. Bruker (US)
  10. Potash Corp./Saskatchewan (Canada)